Sunday, September 29, 2013

Just Jewelry: A Sparkling Enterprise

The most beautiful pieces of jewellery don’t always have to come with an expensive price tag. Sometimes, your wardrobe can stand out with unique accessories for a fraction of the cost, and you will still have random people come up to you and want to know “wow, where did you get that?” and “where can I buy it?”

With over 11 years in business now and thriving in a career of fashion jewellery, Just Jewelry truly stands out from its competition by creating awareness and positively impacting the world, by giving 10% of all profits to a variety of local and international missions.

While mingling at Windsor Business Network’s monthly mash-up, which occurs every second Thursday of the month at Time Grill here in Windsor Ontario, I couldn't help but notice a table that had an assortment of gorgeous rings, necklaces, bracelets, watches and more. They had both for men and women, which is always a plus because despite what some may think, there is a large market for male accessories. For myself, I do love to try things on, and Wendy Irwin, who is a Senior Consultant at Just Jewelry, was more than happy to chat with me about some of the products and how thrilled she is to be part of such an amazing company. Wendy is quite an enthusiastic person, with a true genuine spirit, so this role for her is a perfect fit

Aside from the humanitarian efforts that are greatly appreciated, when I am searching to buy something pretty and sparkly, price is a definite factor. My dad has always told me that I have expensive taste, so I figured I would probably pick up pieces that were way out of my budget and sadly, have to leave them be. To my surprise, everything at Just Jewelry is priced at under $40.

The first photo is a gorgeous sphere-shaped orange silver-plated bracelet that fits delicately around my wrist. It had a nice sheen and sat comfortably without any irritation. Price: $15.00

The next photo is a silver-plated jewelled flower ring. Bling-bling! This is not my usual taste, but I was stepping out of my comfort zone to try something different. I have the hardest time with rings because I have tiny fingers and so with the stretchy elastic backing, it was a great fit and I have to say this ring is a real head turner. The sparkle really illuminates any room you’ll walk into and dresses up any outfit. Price: $15.00

The last photo is straight from the catalogue and according to Wendy is the company’s best seller. It is called “The Lord’s Prayer Coil Bracelet” and as titled, it has the prayer carved onto the silver. Wendy has given out numerous bracelets to the ICU where she volunteers at, and as she told me even people who are not religious love this item’s elegance and simplicity. It is a must-have to help comfort family, friends and even the patient who is in need. It’s also a great accessory with the wrapped coil-design, almost giving the look of a multiple bracelet effect. Price: $18.00

So if you’re looking for that elusive bling, without spending all that cha-ching, visit Wendy’s consultant site from Just Jewelry.

Check out Just Jewelry online or call Wendy at 519-739-9491.