Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Bubi's Saucy Success

With over 24 years in business, there is a reason why Windsorites have been gravitating to Bubi’s Awesome Eats for all these years. It’s a simple fact that they have great food and incredible service. It’s rare to come into the restaurant located on 620 University Ave West and not see a swarm of people dining inside or on their relaxing patio.

My favourite channel is definitely The Food Network and so a little interesting tid-bit, in case you didn’t know, before I get to the review, Bubi’s was featured on Food Network’s hit show “You Gotta Eat Here.”

All of Bubi’s staff are enthusiastic and aim to please the customer. If you’re unhappy with your meal, they’ll do whatever it takes to make it right. The one complaint was on our last visit though, where the server actually asked if I wanted dessert, even though I was only half way done my meal. It was a little odd, but I’ll chalk it up to the fact that this server was new or just made a mistake. Usually, service is top-notch on all levels. Quick service, great presentation, huge portions (there is rarely a time that I don’t take home a doggie bag unless I am famished!) and quality food.

With over 100 items on their menu, it’s hard to really narrow down the options because everything sounds so tasty. You can choose from their famous “Bubi” burgers to wraps, sandwiches, salads, fajitas, and more. Keeping up with the changing needs of their customer base, they even offer vegetarian chilli and the TVP veggie burger. Oh and if you’re feeling really adventurous, try your luck at “Bunda’s Big V8” challenge, which involves a waiver-signing to indulge into their 8 lb burger!

With any chicken Caesar salad, I always ask for the dressing “on the side,” because that way I can add as much or as little as I prefer. I love the fact that they’ve upgraded this entrée and now offer the 2x the chicken. The lettuce is crisp and even though it’s not a spring mix or anything fancy, it’s still delicious. They top the salad with real bacon pieces and crunchy croutons. I will say that one area that I could see improvement is offering whole-wheat options for the pita bread.
Bubi's chicken Caesar salad

Next, the tender “Bubi’s Basic” burger.” Tangy pickles, fresh tomatoes, ketchup, mustard, relish, and a heap of onions, all on a bun (again, I’d like to see the option of whole-wheat buns). Not to be missed, the famous Bubi’s sauce; a garlic lover’s haven in a small plastic dipping cup! Accompanied is the must-have, crispy wedge-cut fries that are sometimes even served up in a cute colander, instead of on the plate.

"Bubi's Basic" Burger
Another plus is the free Wi-Fi service, so you can freely tweet, update your Facebook status, or even Instagram your meal, letting everyone know about the garlicky goodness that you’re experiencing right now at Bubi’s.

Check out Bubi’s menu online, including great specials and their new hours.