Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Do Sumn!

The hip-hop scene has been saturated over the past decade with artists who are clearly brilliant at their craft of rapping, but fail to create a memorable presence that shows the world who they really are. No doubt, Dez Nado’s acronym The D.efinition of E.ffort and Z.eal iN A.mbition and D.edication to O.pportunity. is a mouthful, but coming straight out of Jacksonville, Florida, he rightfully earns his title by not only perfecting his style as a lyricist/musician, but taking every opportunity he is given in life and turning it into something meaningful.

The highly-anticipated release of Dez’s new track “Do Sumn” features iconic superstar rapper Kanye West, alongside multi-talented singer/songrwriter Jana Mizik. The song has a lot of strong points, from a flirtatious vocal call and answer formula with the sassy Jana, to the fast guitar strumming accompanied with playful lyrical momentum. The party vibe can go all night long with this song. It has a whimsical nostalgia throwback to old skool rap of the early 90s which so many can appreciate, and Dez hits it out of the park with some wicked rapping skills to complement Kanye’s undeniable style that has gained a worldwide following.

Reaching out to his fans, you can really feel Dez’s energy pouring out and it feels like he wants to party with the whole world till the break of dawn. This collaboration has to be one of Dez’s greatest accomplishments to date and it’s clear that he has been blessed with talent and that fame does not just come knocking at your door, you gotta DO SUMN!

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