Sunday, February 10, 2013

1,2,3, TEQUILA!

Musically inspired by many Latino artists, world-renowned flamenco artist, Maria Bermudez is proud to share an incredible collaboration of sounds that enhance our cultural spirit.

Chicana Gypsy Project was conceived from nostalgia, blood, sweat and tears of Maria’s father working the fields, and brings together Maria’s roots, filled with Mexican, American and Flamenco music in a new style that is getting world-wide recognition. Each musician brings forth their own unique expertise and musical genre flare, ranging from Flamenco, Jazz, Rock, and more.

The new song Tequila has a haunting gypsy sound, but when the chorus kicks in, you’re filled with a sexy Latin rock swing groove. With Calo language, otherwise known as gypsy language, the powerful louder rhythms hypnotize the mind and body to form a unity of musical harmony.

Maria grew up listening to gypsy flamenco artists and you might be able to pick out the short riff at the end of the song, honouring a little of Tito Puente and Santana’s version of “Oye Como Va.”

During live performances, audiences chant “tequila para olvidar las penas “ (tequila to forget troubles). Although tequila might be the chosen drink to forget all your troubles, the pure joy of listening to Chicana Gypsy Project seems to do the trick.

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