Friday, August 17, 2012

On Edge

Take a moment and breathe. You’ll need to find a place where you can be alone, or with someone who has walked beside you on your journey, instead of in front of you.

Opening up his heart, Bob MacKenzie’s latest poetic anthology “On Edge” stirs the emotions of the fallen, the ones who have been crippled by spirals of pain and feel safer to be lost in the shadows than to exist in a world of anger, fear, injustice and sorrow.

I had the honour of being chosen as the model on the front cover. The image gives a glimpse of what is revealed inside the pages of this book. I am fierce…I am strong… I am still afraid.

Choked up by what someone can visualize reading through one or many of Bob’s poems, the words carry a peace offering, mainly internally, of how it feels to survive. The poetic pieces resonate with everyone, as pain does not discriminate.

It is clearly evident that perpetual sadness harbours in those who are never heard. However, through Bob’s poetry, he brings forth hope to those who still have their innocence and those who yearn to have it reclaimed. The main message holds strong that no matter where one is in life, it’s never too late to find somewhere you belong.

On Edge is available at Amazon.