Monday, January 2, 2012

Emmy-nominated T.O.N.E.-z gets Justified!

With an incredible 4.2 million viewers in its opening season, Justified had its highest debut on FX. Now in 2012, it has remained the top television drama series on the FX channel, (for Canadians; Super Channel) with several Emmy nominations, especially for well-known rap-artist T.O.N.E.-z, who created the hard-hitting theme song “Long Hard Times To Come” which truly showcased the essence of the show.

After his guest appearance on Justified, I had the pleasure to interview T.O.N.E-z and learn what it’s like to go from being a rapper to an actor!


Enjoy the interview below.

Melissa Arditti: Justified has become such a popular series on the FX series channel, and now going into its 3rd season, how did you feel when you got the news that you would be on the show?

T.O.N.E-z: OMG!!! I felt like I was smacked in the head by Tyson, (in his early years) Derek Jeter & 18 angry in-mates!! Seriously, I flipped out! I was and actually still am extremely happy!

M.A: You were quoted as saying that “the whole cast and crew are the best people to work with and the coolest people period!” Did you feel that moment of being “star-struck” working with any of the cast members?

T: Oh I was completely star-struck! Here I was standing next to Mykelti Williamson! I told him “I love your work!” and he replied back with “your music is amazing!” Everyone was so kool. Timothy Olyphant is a fan of my music and told me that I am amazing. The whole cast showed me so much love.

M.A: Justified is quite an intense show, not just in its storylines but also with the characters.  How did you prepare emotionally for the role of “Barnes?”

T: Simple: I just looked, listened and learned! 

M.A: For a talented artist like yourself, memorizing lyrics must come as second nature to you. However, with acting, did you find there was a difference in how you were able to remember your lines?

T: It’s just as easy, if not easier.

M.A: Some artists get stereotyped into certain roles when they make the crossover to acting. What role would you like to embrace someday that you know would completely knock your fans on their feet?

T: If I could play a role like “V” from the movie V for Vendetta, I know that i’d wow the world! You know, that role was so intense. It embodied pain, sorrow, anger, vengeance, tears, laughter and compassion.

M.A: What went through your mind when you found out that the theme song “Long Hard Times to Come” was being nominated for an Emmy?

T: I thought to myself “damn it took me 20 minutes to do the lyrics in my head and less than 7 to lay them down and look what just happened… AN EMMY NOMINATION!

M.A: It’s addictive getting bitten by the acting bug! Is this is the last fans have seen of T.O.N.E-z on tv or should we expect more appearances?

T: Oh hell (to the) nah! I am already pursuing new projects as I typed this, so the world will see more appearances of me in tv and some feature films are in the works.

M.A: I’m sure you’re itching to get back into the studio after having such a wonderful experience on Justified. With the sky being the limit on opportunities that seem to be coming your way, what’s next musically for you?

T: My new album “High Voltage” is out now and available on Itunes. It contains a new song called “Trapped” that was inspired by Season 3 of Justified. (fyi: you might just hear it on the show!) :)

Thanks to T.O.N.E.-z  for taking time out of his insanely busy schedule to make this interview possible!

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