Monday, July 25, 2011

Sent you money, sent you flowers, could worship you for hours....

SEPTEMBER 11th, 2011
The Sound Academy



This was taken in 2005, when I went with my mom to see Erasure in Toronto
at Massey Hall for the Nightbird Tour!

It was a toss-up between seeing Erasure in September or waiting for VNV Nation in December (which is actually very close to my birthday-hint hint hint!!). However, weighing the pros and cons, Erasure won out. Tickets were not too badly priced and I've been working my tail off, so I think I deserve something special. I am super excited about seeing them for the second time now! I realize that Andy Bell probably won't be prancing around in sequin tops and glittery underwear, but i'm sure the show will still be amazing!

They have so many wonderful songs that pull on my heart strings or just make me want to get up and dance; Make Me Smile (Come up and see me), A Little Respect, Oh L'Amour, Always, Solsbury Hill (Peter Gabriel cover) and the list goes on. No matter what though, I Bet You're Mad At Me remains my absolute favourite. Everything from the lyrics to the simplistic sound to the intense emotion, I remember when it first came out, I made my parent's ears bleed because I kept the song on repeat playing in my bedroom. LOL I guess that's just another "Melissa quirk."