Tuesday, May 31, 2011

It Transcends Blood, It Transcends Betrayal

My movie review on:

Chaos Theory tells a gripping story about Frank (played by Ryan Reynolds) an obsessive and perfectionist man, who has a career teaching others how to be efficient and organized. He lives by his words and there is no room in his life for spontaneity. 

One morning, as a practical joke, his wife decides to shake things up and turn back the clock by 10 minutes. A simple prank spirals out of control, as Frank begins to see his orderly routine crumble, not to mention his sanity, after learning devastating secrets that were kept from him. 

The movie has tons of dark and quirky humour, serious moments as well as several endearing scenes between Frank and his daughter. I'll also add the concluding speech about chaos theory was extremely touching and kudos to the script writers for including it. 

I didn't really know what Frank's destiny would turn out like, but sometimes those surprises have the best endings.