Wednesday, September 23, 2009

~I will still hope there are better days to come~

Aside from sickness, I'm pretty much house-bound with limited mobility. I'm fully catered to. I get all my meals sent up to my room, and I don't do any chores and I even have a little bell to ring when I need something. This is type of service that I would be accustomed to elsewhere, but it's been a real adjustment when it has to do with my family. I am very appreciative of all they have done and continued to do for me.

I am also blessed to have support from who I consider to be my close friends. They get to know when i'm on cloud 9 or i'm down in the dumps, some more than others. I've been hesitant to share too much of my personal life but this is something that I need to express and who knows anyone that reads who is going through similar things may be able to learn something or even offer me further advice on how to get through these days. I don't have a huge number of friends at all. I try to be kind to everyone unless they hurt me then well, we're done. I've often said that I can be your best friend or your worst enemy so the choice is up to you. I try to allow karma to handle all of the messy details that I don't want to get my hands dirty with and so far it's been working although i'm still affected by people's actions. In the end, it's about the quality of friendships that I have, not the quantity.

It's really tough not being in school this semester either so i've needed to get creative and find things to do. I edited a grad student's application for dental school, edited work for an aspiring novelist, assisted a lady who would have spent thousands on a fake "psychic friend" and i'm currently helping out a young woman from Toronto who is planning to write her dental hygienst board exam. She has failed a few times now and this is her final attempt and so after reading her plea, I felt compelled to write her and offer my help. This is not my expertise at all but she was grateful that I took the time to reply even though i'm in Windsor. Thank goodness for the net because I found all sorts of useful information for her and i've been quizzing her through e-mail. Such a smart gal so hopefully she'll pass with flying colours. I’m also doing computer-related work for William and trying to help out in his business since I can’t manage to go out and photograph any events that he’s part of lately.

I've become a fan of the Housewives of New York, Atlanta and New Jersey. Happy wife -happy life! These families are consumed with what I call "wealthy drama."

The Big Bang Theory is on again Monday nights which i'm happy about. I wasn't really thrilled with the season premiere though, it wasn't as funny as I hoped for, or maybe my humour has just turned in a different direction. I don't know, I'll give it another chance.

I was watching America's Got Talent but that's over now. Congrats to Kevin Skinner, the former chicken catcher. I can't believe he actually beat out Barbara Padilla, the opera singer or Recycled Percussion (RP, I loved those guys, such an unique talent for Vegas!) but the final choice was not up to the judges.

For our 1-year anniversary, William got me another gargoyle (I call him Bodhi which means enlightenment) and two books that he thought I’d enjoy reading. It's a difficult time watching me go through this but he's been so supportive and I couldn't ask for more. So here's a picture I took.