Friday, August 14, 2009

~I'm running and i'm breathless but i have to go on, these steps are the beat and i'm singing this song~

Well I'm home from Nova Scotia! It was a memorable trip from the point of view that Bill and I spent a week of quality time together. I could have gladly done without the sudden food poisoning though which in combination with some other things sent me straight to Saint John's hospital and really isolated me from enjoying any further social activities once we arrived in Digby. I was an emotional mess at times but I do have the sweetest man in my life who takes care of me, so our first trip together wasn't a total loss, just different from what we had expected! I also had my laptop so I was able to connect with my family back home and chat which helped tremendously during the times I was alone along with books, movies and cable tv!

On the bright side, the rest of the weekend turned out a bit better. I was able to finally get out of the room to visit downtown Digby for some souvenirs, take pictures and watch Bill and others perform. The drive home was really long! There was so much construction and even though we weren't in rush hour, traffic was backed up in the GTA area. Then just when we thought it was smooth sailing, massive storms hit! Driving through Chatham was pretty scary when the fog and downpour of rain blurred visibility on the road.

Some interesting thoughts on travelling to Nova Scotia:

-this was my first trip away from home with a partner for a full week
-Montreal drivers are insane
-never trust a restaurant that serves pancakes without telling you first they don’t have syrup
-fresh clean air is good for the soul
-a sandwich in Quebec that has 2520 mg of sodium should not be consumed in one sitting
-our first time sleeping in the same bed together and waking up in each other's arms
-over-tiredness can cause spontaneous giggling and pterodactyl sounds
-a good night's sleep begins with mints on the pillows
-there is a reason for having the "do not disturb" sign on the door
-truck stops really do have amazing breakfasts
-the art of brushing one's teeth can have explosive results
-hurray for Tim Horton ice caps for long travels
-"for better or for worse, in sickness and in health"

Below is a beautiful picture I captured of Digby, NS: