Monday, July 13, 2009

Darkness goes and softness grows...

Here's a trivia question for you, what fruit is known as the "winter banana?" It's an apple that has a distinct banana-like flavour.

We went to Windsor Eat's: Trivia Night at the Social Bean Café last Tuesday for the first time.

I love the atmosphere and hurray for something different besides the usual Tim Hortons and Starbucks in South Windsor! They have a reasonably priced selection of items like soups and sandwiches as well as a variety of loose teas. I’m quite fond of their Social Pesto Panini. Mmm.. 

Many of the questions were challenging but you definitely come out learning something new. I could spot the trivia guru's a mile away though! Aside from regular trivia questions, they had a fun music and movie round. Our team came in 3rd but once the scores were tallied, we were actually just a few points away from to winning!

It sure was a busy weekend. I loved seeing The Beach Boys at Caesar’s on Friday night, so thanks to Brad and his mom for the tickets! We had excellent seats and this crowd was definitely livelier than Hall and Oates. There were 3 beach balls being tossed around before the show started too which was fun to play with aside from the people who started to really spike them hard instead of a playful volley serve. Once the music started playing, I could feel such a nostalgic energy from the older people to even my generation. I was very impressed with the vocal quality and the doo wop moments especially with God Only Knows, In My Room, Why Do Fools Fall In Love and I'm So Young. When the catchy tune The Little Old Lady From Pasadena came on, everyone started dancing and was yelling out to the lyrics "go granny go granny go!" and passionately chanting to the song "Help me Rhonda." I was surprised how many songs were performed. Amongst all the hits that most people would know like Kokomo, Surfer Girl, Good Vibrations, etc, they did one beautiful song that I didn't know about called Disney Girls.

After attending a spa party and enjoying it so much, I hosted my first one at the house on Saturday night. Sadly, the night before, I found out that VNV Nation was performing at St. Andrew's in the States!! This was the worst timing ever! :( I've been wanting to see them again in concert so i'm hoping they'll come back. So despite a few bumps at the beginning of the party, it ended up being a successful time and tons of fun for everybody! My dad even joined in on getting a green tea facial and foot rub, and showed his softer side!

Here's a picture of William bending down to display the table. I really appreciated all his help and we made a great entertaining duo!

To end the weekend, we went to check out Festival Epicure on Sunday along with my friend Barb to see Rare Earth perform. It was a fun time although where was the tiramisu and all the other desserts? There were tons of restaurants and wineries, but I hardly saw any desserts. I was disappointed but the strawberry tartufo from Mezzo was delicious!

Rare Earth performing at Festival Epicure

Enjoying the night together

In other news here, I volunteered a bit for the Windsor Fringe this year which has been a new experience to say the least. I felt good contributing to events that will bring excitement to the city since right now things are looking rather bleak, and of course to support my partner who is performing throughout the 10 days.

To end this blog, I shall be visiting the "scallop capital of the world!" I've never been out east in Canada before so my camera is going to be filled with gorgeous pictures of everything I can possibly capture in Digby, Nova Scotia.