Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Is our National Anthem becoming gender-neutral?

So it seems like another historical change is taking place at the House of Commons. They are debating whether or not to make the national anthem gender-neutral, by replacing the line in the English version “In all thy SONS command” with “In all of US command.”

You can watch the clip right here:


My thoughts:

Sons, daughters, mutants, WHO CARES! The anthem will continue to change as time goes on in our society. Let them gather and make a decision. Agree with it or disagree, that's your personal choice.

Let me say though, this doesn't mean anyone has to follow saying "us" while singing the national anthem. No one is holding a gun to your head, or charging you with incorrect lyrics. Maybe you'll get some dirty looks from the "gender-neutral" group, but brush it off and continue singing as you see fit. Just because the House of Commons makes a change, doesn't mean you need to personally change how you're singing it. I certainly won't.

IF they force people to sing it how the changes are implemented though, then that would be a whole other issue I'd be fighting tooth and nail!

What's your view?