Wednesday, March 18, 2015


Some big decisions were made today. Unfortunately, not everyone will be happy about the choices, but it's no longer about what is best for everyone else, it's about what is best for our family. My dad gave every part of himself to help other people, no matter what time or day and so it is time that he truly takes care of himself.

My dad's health is paramount and he is very excited about his new life. It will be different, it will take adjustment, but it will be less stressful. The phone will not ring every second of the day, he will not be at the computer all the time, he will be enjoying life. Too many "i'll do it later's," too many "not now i'm busy."

For anyone who has had a life-altering event happen, I am certain that my post is not surprising. I am fully aware of the impact that my dad has had on many people and I hope those positive relationships continue to blossom.

I don't have to tell others what an amazing person my dad is, his reputation speaks for itself, but I will say that I am so goddamn lucky to be able to hear my dad talk again, see him smile and remember me.

Thanks for reading.