Monday, May 27, 2013

Easy cooking

Here are a few meals that I wanted to share. They are easy to make, healthy and taste great. Bill and I made the first dish together, the second dish I was eating for 1.

Slow-cooked orange glazed chicken with whole-wheat quinoa and lentil salad. Slow-cook the chicken for about 6-8 hours, use concentrated frozen oj for a real citrus kick, add in veggies of choice, ginger, garlic, cook up quinoa on the side, drain lentils well (if you're using the canned kind to eliminate a majority of the salt)  Serve and enjoy. I thought it was going to turn really orange but we didn't add additional fresh oranges or anything on top of the 8 oz can of oj, so it just had a nice glaze instead.

I found though the next day, the citrus flavour was overly potent for me, but Bill seemed to like it. =)

Leftover turkey meat with brussel sprouts, onions and red peppers. For the veggies, I baked them in the oven using garlic, Epicure Spinach Dip seasoning, olive oil and a couple squeezes of lemon. My new favourite way to cook vegetables.