Sunday, February 19, 2012


I realized that I haven't been posting my food creations/cooking experiences on my blog. I will have to do that at a later time!

Tonight's meal was inspired by my purchase of the new Philadelphia Cooking Cream.

To keep this relatively healthy and low-fat, I only used a tablespoon of Philly cream cheese and stirred it into the pasta.  Therefore, it's not very creamy at all, but it's how I personally like it.

Next, I added some fresh vegetables, (yellow peppers, carrots and baby bok choy) herb and garlic Epicure spice and then sliced a couple of strawberries in for a little sweetness. Served over Catelli whole wheat pasta.

Perfect meal for one and I made a bit extra so there could be leftovers for tomorrow.

Simple, healthy and delicious! Any thoughts? :)