Thursday, September 15, 2011

A message of hope: to all women (and yes men too!)

Stop thinking you're crazy, because you're not. Pelvic pain is real and it hurts. For us Windsorites, it may be across the river at Beaumont where you find some answers and a treatment program that works specifically for your individual needs. For others, you may have to travel further to get assistance but it's well worth the long drive and toll fees to find help.

Before judging and saying that someone is a traitor to their own country for seeking medical care outside of Canada, walk a mile in their shoes and then you tell me what you'd do...

Please read this article about the 5-day retreat that is going on at Beaumont hospital that you can participate in.  This special retreat offer is for Women Only as it is a safe space and located in the Women's Urology Center. 

However, there are specialists too at Beaumont who you can make an appointment with that deal with a variety of issues, including pelvic floor problems for men. No one is left out.

Please pass this article/brochure along to everyone you know: