Thursday, April 28, 2011

It's been a while...

My blogs have gone from more of a personal nature to posting mainly movie reviews and other things. However, i'd like to take a moment and give an update on what has been going on in the Muse's life:

I love Enya's music and her lyrics are so inspiring
and reflects on what i'm feeling in my own life right now.

*The photo above was taken in Heritage Park in daylight, but I transformed it into a night vision.

During the last two years of my life, my world fell apart unexpectedly and now i'm trying to find ways to rebuild it.

I am blessed to have been given the opportunity to go over to the United States to finally be treated as a whole person, instead of being told here that there is nothing that can be done for my pain. 

Thank you to Dr. Peters for taking me under his care as a patient, diagnosing me properly and letting me know that I can be helped! He has given me that glimmer of hope that I thought would only happen in my dreams.

Beaumont Hospital has a specialized program that provides an integrated approach to treating women who suffer from female-related issues, such as pelvic pain.

Along with physical therapy for pelvic floor, which I am currently waiting to get into, psychological pain counselling, and more, another method is through "Guided Imagery." Based on research done by Beaumont, and the leading expert in pelvic pain, including Dr. Kenneth Peters, this form of therapy has been proven to reduce pain and enhance the wellbeing of patient's.

I am supposed to listen to these cds every day: