Sunday, February 6, 2011

Inexpensive and healthy are words that can go together!

I like to make meals that are budget-friendly and will result in tasty leftovers.  Some might say i'm the Coupon Queen because it's not very often that you'll find me paying full price when it's time to check out. Even a 50 cent savings on a product is better than nothing at all. I know a lot of people can't be bothered and look at me like i'm crazy, but I view things differently; a savings is a savings. I believe that I inherited this way of thinking from my parents. We saved $8 with coupons this week on groceries.

On a side note, story time! I recall an incident where I was taken out on a date to a very expensive restaurant in the city. Things were going very well until the man opened up his mouth and said the most ludicrous statement that I've ever heard in my life, while paying for our meal! "I'm not one of those people who use coupons, I rather pay full price."  My jaw dropped and I couldn't believe what I was hearing.... "not one of those people.." What does that mean? I asked for clarification. He felt that since he was in a lucrative and well-established job, he didn't have to resort to saving and thought it was silly for anyone else to, unless they were poor.

When he drove me home, he asked for another date. He was very confused when I replied no and told him that although I hoped he would be different, creme brulee can never be Jello.  If you've seen my Best Friend's Wedding,  you'll understand what I meant. That was the end of our date and I never spoke to him again.

Several months later, I found out that he had lost his job and was now struggling to even afford his home. I thought about sending him a coupon for Kleenex, but decided not to bother. I'm sure he would rather pay full price. Karma is a bitch, ain't it?

End of story.

Instead of loading up on pizza, breaded chicken wings, potato chips, creamy dips, pastries and all those indulgent foods, I decided to make myself a relatively healthy lunch! Don't get me wrong, I enjoy splurging on those foods but I try to keep it in moderation.

Today's lunch:

  • President's Choice Chicken Broth (the only broth I can find that actually has the lowest amount of sodium - 85 mg)
  • Y&Y Vermicelli noodles
  • a medley of produce: broccoli, carrots, celery, onions, and kale
  • Kraft shredded cheddar cheese
  • spices: garlic and oregano
Old Mill whole wheat bagels with President's Choice Blue Menu  margarine with olive oil and some cinnamon

Beverage: Sun Rype's Apple/pear/vanilla juice. (tastes delicious hot or cold)

Astro's Biobest Probiotic plain yogurt with added "Super Trek Mix" (bought from FreshCo)

The best part is that I made enough soup for two more meals. Now the challenge is going to be what the heck to make for dinner. LOL