Friday, January 14, 2011

A testosterone-filled good time...

I was on Facebook today and noticed a posting (thanks Chris!) for a Mens Expo coming up here in Windsor:

If you're not a beer-drinking, sports-watching, woman-oogling, gruff and tough guy, I guess you might as well stay home and watch Bridget Jones's Diary with your girlfriend or play WOW (World of Warcraft) with your virtual buddies.

From the website: "It's an expo for men about men and manly things"

I love the idea of having an Expo filled with information geared towards men, but it's a real shame that this couldn't be advertised in a way that appeals to ALL men in general. Not everyone fits into this hyper-masculine role and shouldn't be condemned for it.  I bet there's a number of guys who really want to attend but won't venture out for fear that they might be reliving their high school days of being tossed into a locker by a group of "manly" men.

Kudos for offering the invite to the "girlfriends" who I am sure are just eager to attend. I'm sorry to say though that i'll be too busy painting my toenails and ordering shoes online.

My boyfriend will also not be attending. He is too in touch with his feelings to partake in such an event...

Thank goodness!!