Saturday, July 24, 2010

~Two Out Of Three Ain't Bad~

So it looks like the WFCU has decided to ignore me, not once, not twice, but three times! So I guess unlike Meat Loaf's song "two out of three ain't bad" I am batting zero!

In any business, I truly believe good customer service is essential and really goes a long way. I like to write letters, not always complaint notes either, but also ones that do praise a business for treating me with respect and a valued customer.

So the question remains, why can't I get a simple email or phone call, letting me know what can be done about these expired tickets?

Here is the letter below that I have sent to the WFCU. Hopefully when Mr. Darmon checks his e-mail, he will have the decency to reply or pick up the phone and call me. I really don't bite, I just want answers!

Dear Mr. Darmon,

This is now my third attempt to contact someone from the WFCU regarding the Meat Loaf concert.

I won two tickets from the promotion going on during the drive-in show at Tecumseh Mall on Friday, July 16th, 2010. However, due to the cancellation, these tickets became invalid. I took time off of work that evening to attend the concert, which was a loss of income to me, only to find out online that the show was cancelled. Although, I do realize Meat Loaf cancelling was totally out of your control, I was not aware that figuring out a way to deal with these unused tickets would be such a hassle.

I did contact Lindsay from Tecumseh Mall, who is the Marketing Coordinator twice about the situation. She gave me your contact information and also told me that it was disappointing for the WFCU not to reply to me at all.

Your customer service regarding this issue has been anything but acceptable and I am reluctant to attend any event (whether complimentary or paid) at WFCU again. I intend to inform other people about the lack of courtesy with this incident by the WFCU.


Melissa Arditti