Saturday, July 3, 2010


I'm really not sure if I’m the only one who goes through episodes of “seasonal dreaming” as I’d like to refer these patterns, but I notice that i’ve dreamt far more often in the spring and currently, in the summer months.  Autumn has had a consistency of changing shape a bit in the quality of memory recall but certain names and symbols have remained a focal point until the first frost. After that point, it really does feel like I am dreaming in a fog.

Lately, it’s been pretty incredible that I can actually remember my dreams in the morning so vividly and often whether I dreamt them in black and white or in colour. When I go to sleep the next evening, I do have  similar recollections and the cycle continues on.

I should really start writing them all down! Nothing beats the vampires and peanut butter sandwiches dream that I had many years ago. I almost felt like I really lived through it in reality and not in a dream-like state of mind. I am happy to report though, my fear towards the innocent crunchy peanut seems to have banished now for good.