Wednesday, April 14, 2010

~Let me remind you that the light doesn't blind you at all, it just helps you see~

More discoveries...

Parabens, lanolin, dyes, perfumes and proteins are all off my list now. I cannot believe how many common products actually carry these ingredients but from last appointment with my allergist, he suggests to his patients not to use them. He told me that Pantene is one of worst shampoos for people with sensitive skin and the shocker... TIDE detergent! Who knew?! I guess I do now. I was advised to look for Sunlight Sensitive (we haven't been able to find this in Windsor anywhere only every other Sunlight product) or in the states ALL detergent. Everything seems to have a "scent" nowadays, and I guess that is good for some people who have the tolerance. I'm now seeing sections in cosmetic areas that are paraben-free which is great so at least I know there is a market, even if it's small, I still have some choices. I really love any Dove products because they are very gentle and there's a great product I'm using now called Cliniderm which I would recommend. They have a full line of products, everything from moisturizers to hairspray. They are reasonably priced for the amount you need to use and since I've been using them, I haven't felt any kind of irritation at all on my skin.

I just want to give up and throw in the towel but I am always reminded that I have so much to live for. Every day I just hope i'm closer to finding out answers and getting rid of this pain for good.