Thursday, March 25, 2010

~Everything seems strange, fascinating new, so much different from what you're used to~

How does it feel to suddenly have to wake up every morning and be told you must inject yourself in order to make it through the day? What goes through your mind when you’re waiting for test results in a room filled with posters of illnesses that you cannot even pronounce? Why does it feel like everyone around you is accomplishing so much and you remain in limbo? When does it really hit you that people do suffer everyday in ways that you cannot even imagine and although some really falter, others can surely flourish?

I’ve learned so many things in the course of almost a year now since my life really got thrown off course which I’m still trying to compile into words. However, recently, I have learned something very important that has stuck with me and I wanted to share. I was watching Celebrity Apprentice the other day and was feeling pretty down about a lot of things and then it happened... When Trump was asking Bret Michaels about why he chose Diabetes as his charity, Bret got very emotional and shared his story and talked about his battle everyday with diabetes. A simple quote but regardless it meant something deeper because like everyone else, he is not immune to life’s unpredictability. His positivity on a condition that he cannot change and just has to live with was really inspiring and a simple quote of “You can live a full life and you can rock!” put things back into perspective.

So the latest updates on me.

We definitely spend a lot of time in the kitchen baking, cooking, and now juicing! My dad thought it was a good idea to buy a juicer so I could actually enjoy something other than water or tea. So we have a Breville juicer which works great and is easy to use. The only negatives: the motor is loud and like most of the juicers on the market, the mesh part is tough to clean. We’ve made apple/blueberry and carrot juice so far in the machine. I find that one or two of each ingredient does the trick since it’s quite potent but still really delicious!

Another new addition was a featherbed mattress top from a company called Pacific Coast . in order to help me sleep better because of pain. Unfortunately, I think I was allergic to the feathers and so my parents exchanged one for their queen-size bed and they got me a fiber mattress top for my bed. I really like it and this ended up being a great deal instead of spending thousands on a new mattress. The only additional charges were the mattress protectors which we had to order from JC Penny since Sears didn't sell them. My dad said he hasn't slept this well in years and sometimes it's tough to get up in the morning because he's so comfortable, and so both were good investments.

It’s almost the end of the month and so one of my fondest memories definitely has to be last Friday, which was the end of March break. Since I wasn’t able to go and see Bill perform earlier in that week, I was determined to come by on Friday to see his new place and watch his final show at Science City. It was a great day together and I even got to take some photographs of his performance.

It's a rainy day in Windsor today, so i'm going to curl up in bed and take a nap before my 5:30 appointment gets here. Since I can't have a regular job right now and school is still on the back burner, i've started to try and find other ways to make money. So after searching through the job ads, I found an ad for someone seeking an English tutor. I thought this would be a good match since I have experience with tutoring children, teens and adults in the English language as well as other subjects. The father came by with his Korean daughter one evening and we talked and I got the job. It's only one day a week for two hours, but it's still a start and something that may open the door for other opportunities.

I'll update again soon.