Saturday, November 28, 2009

~A foxtrot above my head, a sock hop beneath my bed~

I know a lot of people have been following my blog and I am so grateful for all of the positive e-mails that i've received over the last few months so thank you!

So here is a little update on what's going on in my world. Regarding my gallbladder surgery, the post-op appointment went well and the doctor was really pleased with her work. She said everything was healing nicely and within time, the stitches will dissolve and the scabs will fall off completely. The only surprising part of the visit was when I was told to "go straight home and start eating bacon and eggs and ice cream for dessert!" I wanted to be cautious with eating but it was a good feeling to know that if I craved an indulgent treat, I was encouraged to have it.

The majority of pains are disappearing and my mobility is improving daily which are good signs. I can actually sleep on my side now and eating is starting to feel pleasurable again. Weight is still on the low side but that's going to take time. I'm also still really tired most days, so I think that is a combination of physical and mental. It's been such a long haul but aside from some setbacks, having this surgery was the right decision.

I wish I could say all of my worries are over with for the time being, but it's not the case... After seeing an urologist for an on-going problem, I have to go and get a cystoscopy done. The appointment is booked for Wednesday at Hotel Dieu and it's an out patient procedure so hopefully I will be home in time to watch Jeopardy at 7:30. I'll be put under general sedation (thank goodness!) instead of the two other options of local or spinal. My stress level has been very high and I was having a reoccurring dream that was scaring the hell out of me. Since my birthday is approaching, the dream, rather nightmare, was really simplistic with a soft and soothing voice saying "Happy birthday Melissa, you have cancer" over and over again. It started off loud and then quieted down to a whisper. I kept waking up drenched in sweat and crying. Thankfully, i'm doing a good job turning off my brain of those thoughts and just focusing on each day. I'm hoping for good results but I am definitely concerned and just wanting Wednesday to come so this can be something else hopefully to put behind me.

On a happier note, Santa Claus came to visit our home yesterday! He did an impeccable job with cleaning, especially my bedroom. Strange for us as a Jewish family to get excited over Santa, but it was the man behind the beard who truly brought the joy.