Sunday, March 22, 2009

~Great restaurants are, of course, nothing but mouth-brothels. There is no point in going to them if one intends to keep one's belt buckled.~

The fine dining experience is something that everyone should enjoy at least once in a while. Ask for a glass of water, I dare you! You'll be presented with at least 6 different options, in which you may reply politely with "good old fashioned tap water would do!" The server will laugh and realize that he or she can relax a bit and you won't have a fit, if a hint of parsley is out of place on your plate!

So I've now had the pleasure to dine at Nero's Steakhouse at Caesar’s Windsor with my parents and company. The atmosphere was warm with low lighting and there were some beautiful art pieces to look at as you walked through. Since it wasn't too busy, we had a table that was situated with a partial view of the riverfront. I must also say the service was excellent from the start to the very end. Not overly-pleasing where it gets annoying, but just the right amount of hospitality and pampering to make the time pleasurable.

Nothing starts off a meal better than a hot loaf of bread and I notice that is something most restaurants don't do very often anymore. They give out hard rolls that crumble and it feels like you need a saw to cut through them! These rolls had a fresh right-out-of-the-oven feel and were very soft. The menu had a variety of appetizers, and many entrees to choose from. Everything from steak, prime rib, pasta to veal, seafood, lamb chops and even bison. The wine list had many selections from all over the world including ice wine.

My dinner included a Cosmopolitan, a shrimp cocktail, 16 oz prime rib with a side dish of broccoli sauteed in garlic butter. I thought the presentation of each dish was minimal yet elegant. Eating the prime rib was the most delicious piece of meat I’ve had in a long time, so juicy and tender. Any thoughts of vegetarianism went right out the window that night!

The desserts were pretty decadent with portion size and my eyes lit up when I saw tiramisu. However, it was not a great choice since it was overly sweet and I couldn't taste the mascarpone at all. Still, it was a good way to end the meal.

The prices were extravagant, at least from what I'm used to in this city, but I was able to have a small take-home box. Compared to other places that I've been taken to, like Morton's or restaurants in New York City, it was peanuts.

I have a long week ahead between work, school and other things. I'm excited though because Bill is taking me to Mezzo this week! Yet another place I've wanted to try out which I've heard great things about. Should be a wonderful adventure, not only for the food but of course his company.