Tuesday, February 3, 2009

~It’s not a habit, it’s cool, I feel alive…~

For me, life is about the natural high. Nothing beats that feeling of exhilaration where you just simply feel good. Even if it doesn’t last long, that moment in which you can articulate in some form of what you’re experiencing inside is precious.

To start off with, I am blessed to have had the chance to finally touch a lemur! Not only touch, but Lela from Colasanti's sat on my shoulder and I got to stroke her soft ringtail! She even gave me a lick on my cheek. It was a dream come true, seriously.

I’ve now experienced “high tea” as well. Kingsville’s Victorian Tea House is an absolute gem. It's a  quaint little shop, with classic furniture, decorative-style tea cups, plates and cutlery. You’re really made to feel at home with the warm hospitality. I couldn’t decide which dessert to have but went with the meringue pie and fresh raspberries on top, along with strawberry tea. It was delicious!

School is going well, although keeping me quite busy. I’m enjoying my classes this term but I must say I do miss taking courses in my major; Psychology. The University of Windsor regulations require many electives outside that realm though, so I’ve been diversifying with 18th century culture and Anthropology. Both are extremely interesting but a lot of reading. I also have a 5 page essay to write, which Bill has graciously been helping me with and Ryan has critiqued it as well.

Today was a difficult day to say goodbye to Dave, but we both knew it was coming. So I dedicate this song to him. It's not exactly his style of music, but it means something to me that he can appreciate. Time to Say Goodbye

He will be teaching English for one year in China. I’ve worked very hard to deal with all his vices and to guide and support him in ways that will encourage his creative side and growing potential in personal and professional areas. I’m so proud of what I was able to accomplish in such a short period of time and even happier at the man that he has become before my very eyes- although he always was a man, just never realized it! I’m left with a slew of books to read. I’ll be getting his electronic keyboard to play with and of course I’m going to be learning how to tie proper knots with my new purple rope that he got me! Oh the fun I shall have.

I also have a few potential artistic projects that might get underway sometime that are exciting. They involve another photo shoot and also collaborating the writings from my website with actual music.

Valentine’s Day is approaching and as the hopeful romantic, I shall embrace the occasion with gusto! =)